The Latest News: 1/16/23

HobbyZone: We have all of the HobbyZone modules in stock and we have more coming at the end of the week. You can see all of the HobbyZone products in stock here.

Quinta Studio: We have the following new sets on order and should be here in a few weeks:
QD32094 Fi 156C (HAS)
QD32100 F/A-18F late/EA-18G (TRU)
QD32123 F/A-18F early (TRU)
QD32132 P-40B (GWH)
QD32150 Lancaster B.I/B.III (BOR)
QD32151 Lancaster B.I (HKM)
QD35065 Mi-8T/Mi-17 (TRU)
QD35069 Steyr 1500A (TAM)
QD48060 F-35A (MNG)
QD48232 NF-5A (KIN)
QD48234 Su-35S (KH)
QD48245 F-4EJ (ZM)
QD48246 Meteor F.8 (AFX)
QD48268 Ta 152C (HB)
QD48269 Fw 190A-8 (TAM)
QD48275 Fw 189A (GWH)
QD48303 Harrier GR.1/GR.3 early (KIN)
QD48304 Harrier GR.3 late (KIN)
QD48306 Eurofighter single seat
QD48309 AV-8B late (HAS)
QD48326 F-35B (IT)
QP48016 Harrier det chord

You can see all of the Quinta Studio products in stock here.

Airscale: You can see all of the Airscale products in stock here.

Anyz: You can see all of the Anyz products in stock here.

Cold War Studio: You can see all of the Cold War Studio products in stock here.

fundekals: You can see all of the fundekals products in stock here.

Foxbot Decals: You can see all of the Foxbot decals in stock here.

Metallic Details: You can see all of the Metallic Details products in stock here.

Modeling Tools: You can see all of the various tools in stock here.

ParaGrafix: You can see all of the ParaGrafix products in stock here.

Note: We ship using USPS with tracking numbers for small and/or short distance orders while larger orders ship via UPS. Orders received before 4PM (EST) will generally go out the next day, while orders that arrive after 4PM will be processed on the following day and ship the day after that. Please allow 24 hours after that for the USPS/UPS tracking numbers to go 'live'.

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