ParaGrafix 1/350 K'Tinga-Class Klingon Battlecruiser PE Detail Set

ParaGrafix 1/350 K'Tinga-Class Klingon Battlecruiser Detail Set

For the new 1/350 scale Klingon K'Tinga-class Battle Cruiser from Polar Lights. This set includes items that make lighting* the kit even easier:

  • Two different styles of impulse engines. The grills are also made to be placed in two different positions to provide alternative lighting affects.
  • Bridge window frames to mask the lights.
  • Officers lounge and shuttle bay control room window frames so these areas may be lit.
  • Torpedo tube masks that can be used with or without the clear kit pieces.
  • Light masks for the "secondary hull" windows.
  • Klingon symbol and name plaque for the base.
  • Three sets of Klingon lettering for custom text.

* Electronics not included.